Saturday, August 1, 2015

"Swedish Activists Deter Russian Submarines With Underwater Neon “Gay Propaganda” Signs"

Activists at The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society are suspending neon-lit “gay propaganda” signs in the water around Stockholm in an attempt to repel the Russian submarines that’ve reportedly been hanging out there.
The “Singing Sailor” sign features a bulging sailor gyrating in his neon white briefs, and reads in Russian and English, “Welcome to Sweden, Gay since 1944.” The year is a nod to the year in which Sweden became the fifth European nation to decriminalize homosexuality.
What’s more, the “Singing Sailor” emits a message in morse code to passing ships: “This way if you are gay.”
“If there is a submarine down there beneath the Baltic waves and the crew should happen to see or hear the Singing Sailor they are welcome to join us in the Stockholm Pride Parade on the 1st of August,” Anna Ek, president of The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society, said regarding the first and (so far) only “Singing Sailor” sign.
“The Singing Sailor is also a contribution to the debate that we all should shift military resources into development and rethinking security,” she added. “If military actions and weapons had functioned as conflict-resolution methods there would be peace in the world a long time ago.”
Check out the “Singing Sailor” in action below:

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