Sunday, August 9, 2015

Meet Rae Langes who is "...seeking other queer creatures with whom to play and conspire."

I met Rae while at the Rapid Pulse Performance Festival in Chicago.
Rae is a PhD Candidate in Performance Studies at Northwestern University

Check out Rae work and research here:

Statemen from Rae:

"I am a Chicago-based artist who engages issues of gender, sexuality, and race through various texts and embodied (inter)actions to raise questions around the socio-cultural contingencies of being human. If one is positioned as sub/human according to one's skin color and/or genitalia, how does that affect one's quality of life or belonging in a particular community or culture? Is "humanity" a term we should continue to revise and fight for? My approach to performance is hydra-headed and often includes telling stories while traipsing through surreal environments patchworked from digital media, found objects, and clownish contraptions. 

Over the past fifteen years I have performed in art galleries, museums, nightclubs, universities, backyards, cafes, the streets, and the sticks. In addition to my solo work I have participated in performance and visual art communities such as The End of the World Cirkus, Thought Crime Collective, Theater in My Basement, The Shipyard, the Guerrilla Studio at SIGGRAPH, Draka Arts Foundation, and Cirkus Plexus. While working towards my BA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance at Arizona State University from 2006-2009, I participated in performance workshops facilitated by La Pocha Nostra and The Rachel Rosenthal Co. In 2011, I received an MFA in Studio Arts of Performance from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Currently, I am a PhD candidate in the Performance Studies Department at Northwestern University seeking other queer creatures with whom to play and conspire."

~Rae Langes, 2015

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