Thursday, July 23, 2015

Women as Witness Exhibition--Call for entries


Exhibition Dates: September 1 – 30, 2015
Public Roundtable Discussion:  September 12, 2015
Location: Common Grounds, 376 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216
Exhibition Statement
What role does documentation play in the practice of protest- protest to forced silence, political oppression, and  the inability to act?  How does documentation work against the erasure of past violence from our collective memory?  How does this form of documentation create new visions and new histories for the future?  What unique strategies have women devised to reveal and address violence directed at disempowered social groups?
The guiding premise of “Women as Witness” is that the photograph has the power to insert memories that are all too often overlooked, into the context of resistance. “Women as Witness” re-energizes forgotten moments of past and present violence  to create the conditions and motivations needed to bring about social change. By bringing together women artists, this exhibit unveils how women document resilience, resistance, and creative survival in an effort to propel all of us toward progress.
We seek photographs and photography based two-dimensional mixed-media art taken by women of all ages, whose form and/or content addresses how they are using their craft to document moments of resistance.
You are encouraged to submit images that challenge stereotypes, are daring and out of the ordinary; use your imagination and decide for yourself what you think “Women as Witness” means to you and should look like, because that in the end, this is what feminism is asking you to do.

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