Monday, March 16, 2015

Artist Jaimes Mayhew/The Autonomous Energy Research Lab --"Samesies Island"

I was just introduced to this artist and this piece specifically.  
Samesies Island, 2014
Colored pencil, pen on paper
Cartographer: Jaimes Mayhew Surveyors: Bones, Mickey Dehn, Asa Keiswetter, Jaimes Mayhew, Jack Pinder

This is a map of an entirely imaginary place where transmen who date other transmen live in a separatist community. While none of us have any intention of actually building this community, we designed this map as an escapist exercise in which we re-imagined a world that was built for us, by us. This version of Samesies Island is complete with a sky bucket for public transport, a taco stand, beaches, Coney Island, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, a free vet, two mountain ranges, narwhals, parrot fish, Billy Tipton recording studios, a couple dozen coves named after famous trans* masculine-of-center people, and many other features. Archival prints of this map are available here.

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